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Healthy eyes and good vision are essential to a pet’s quality of life.  The veterinary specialists at PetRays provide expert consultations for complex ophthalmology cases, ensuring the best care for your patients.

We use information from your own ophthalmic examinations, as well as the results of the following diagnostic tests, to prepare an accurate, thorough diagnostic report:

  • Gonioscopy (to test risk of glaucoma)
  • Ocular ultrasonography (used to evaluate ocular injuries, tumors, cataracts and orbital diseases
  • Electroretinography (used to assess retinal function)
  • Conjunctival & corneal scrapings
  • Biopsies

The specialists at PetRays are certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists.  Our team members are leaders in the field of veterinary ophthalmology and provide your practice with the latest advances in eye care for pets.

Ophthalmology consultations are available 24-hours a day, Monday through Friday.