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Like humans, pets are susceptible to hundreds of different skin disorders and allergies.  Many dermatological conditions are, on the surface, very similar.  Even the slightest differences in symptoms can result in a vastly different diagnosis.  Let the board-certified veterinary dermatology specialists at PetRays help you provide your clients with cutting-edge dermatological care.

Veterinary dermatology is a rapidly growing field and it takes years of education and training to accurately identify and treat complex skin diseases.  When confronted with a complicated dermatology case, you can turn to the specialists at PetRays for help.  All of our dermatology specialists are certified by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology and have completed three years of residency training.

Our consultants work with you to provide a fast, accurate diagnosis for your patient.  We review the results of tests you have conducted (including fine needle aspirates, ear cytology tests, intradermal allergy tests and others) and view images of the condition.  Using this information, we prepare a thorough diagnostic report that is sent back to you using our proprietary system.

The PetRays Dermatology team is available for dermatology consultations 24-hours a day, Monday through Friday.