Specialty Telemedicine Consultations When You Need Them Most

The specialists at PetRays provide telemedicine consultations for a wide variety of specialty fields.  In addition to radiology and cardiology reports, our specialists offer consultations in small & large animal internal medicine, including the areas of dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology, anesthesiology and oncology.  We are equipped to offer consultations and advice for all of your patients.

Improve the strength of the radiology services you offer clients by teaming up with PetRays. Our board-certified veterinary radiologists are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, ready to provide you with fast, accurate radiology consultations when you need them. more >

Diseases of the heart and lungs are complex.  When diagnosing conditions affecting a patient’s heart and lungs, an accurate, precise diagnosis is of the utmost importance.  The veterinary cardiology specialists at PetRays provide your practice with expert, cutting-edge evaluations of all your echocardiogram and EKG reports. more >

Critical Care
In a critical care situation, an accurate diagnosis is of the utmost importance.  The critical care specialists at PetRays are available when you need us most.  We provide fast, accurate reports and treatment plans for your critical patients.more >

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Like humans, pets are susceptible to hundreds of different skin disorders and allergies.  Many dermatological conditions are, on the surface, very similar.  Even the slightest differences in symptoms can result in a vastly different diagnosis.  Let the board-certified veterinary dermatology specialists at PetRays help you provide your clients with cutting-edge dermatological care. more >

Healthy eyes and good vision are essential to a pet’s quality of life.  The veterinary specialists at PetRays provide expert consultations for complex ophthalmology cases, ensuring the best care for your patients. more >

Neurologic conditions can have a far-reaching effect on your patient’s health.  Diagnosing these conditions can be difficult, as symptoms of one disease may be masquerading as something different.  The specialists at PetRays provide fast, accurate interpretations of your neurological diagnoses, resulting in better care for your patients. more >

Anesthesia is a common component of veterinary surgical procedures; however, there are many risks associated with administering anesthesia to veterinary patients.  A precise anesthetic protocol is essential in keeping a patient safe and comfortable on the operating table. more >

A diagnosis of cancer can be stressful and overwhelming for pet owners.  The expertise of the board-certified veterinary oncologists at PetRays can help you interpret complex cancer diagnoses and develop a treatment plan that best suits your patient. more >

The veterinary telemedicine specialists at PetRays provide fast, accurate consultations for avian and exotic pets.  No matter what kinds of pets you see at your practice, PetRays can help. more >

Internal Medicine
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