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Every veterinary patient is different and some cases are more difficult to diagnose than others.  A second opinion, consultation or detailed report may be necessary in order to get to the root of your patient’s problem.  That’s why the veterinary telemedicine specialists at PetRays are here to help you.

There are numerous specialty fields in veterinary medicine and no veterinarian can master each one.  There’s simply not enough time.  Whether you’re confronted with a complex ophthalmologic case, want a second opinion interpreting an x-ray, or need a consultation for oncologic treatment, PetRays can help.  Our specialists provide fast, accurate telemedicine consultations for small & large animals and avian and exotic pets in the following specialty fields:

Many veterinarians seek second opinions from specialists.  Obtaining consultations and reports from the specialists at PetRays increases the confidence that general practitioners have in their diagnoses.  Clients also are impressed by this service.  Clients recognize the value and benefits PetRays offers and gain confidence that you offer the best service available in your community by making PetRays consults available to their pets.

The PetRays clinicians have all completed residencies in their respective fields.  Many are actively involved in resident education, as well as national and international speaking engagements.  When you partner with PetRays, your practice has 24/7/365 access to veterinary specialists typically found only at major universities or large veterinary referral centers.

The specialists and management team at PetRays are dedicated to helping your practice grow by strengthening the quality of patient care.  Call 888-4-PETRAYS (888-473-8729) and put our team of veterinary specialists on staff at your facility today.